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For the first couple hours I was set up at Sin City at Richard's on Richards last night I thought the night was going to be a bust. I sold all of one picture and certainly wasn't keeping pace with my bar tab, then blam, I got super busy. I ended up selling over twice what I usually do at 23 West. From ten o'clock to midnight it was utterly dead, then from midnight to two it was utter madness. I was still printing pictures after the ugly-lights had come on.

Now, I'm certainly not going to get rich selling 4" x 6" prints in a nightclub, but I'm pleased to have not only covered expenses and drinks for valerian and I (which is my baseline for a "successful" night), but made enough extra to cover my new, awesome, rabbit-fur sporran by freaklegion. I'll have to get a good picture of the sporran next time we set up the light tent.

In other tangentially related nonsense: my model releases are covered in spots of cranberry juice. 

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