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Doing the Math

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I got the official word on what my new salary will be and it is not exactly as stellar as I was led to believe. It's more in the neighbourhood of $5/hr. more rather than $10. Certainly a $5/hr raise is not a bad thing, but it also has to be borne in mind that I'll be working 14 fewer hours each week. Some frantic mathematics later (basically estimating my 2007 income tax because the difference in gross salary is far less important than the difference in net) and I am much relieved. The baseline requirement of paying the rent and bills is met. There isn't a whole lot of discretionary income left over, but that is not what I was I was trying to accomplish. I just want a safety net so I don't every have to resort to second-hand fish (for which I remain grateful to evilyn13) if I have a bad month.

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