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An (in)auspicious milestone

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Behold the 10,000th picture made with my Big Black Camera of Doom™

I bought the thing February 18th, 2005. This 10,000th trip of the shutter occurred April 16th, 2006. That's an average of just short of 24 images a day (23.7) in that time. Hooray for digital. No way I would have blown through a roll of film every day for 14 months.

This image is from the photo-booth I had set up at Sanctuary at the Red Room on Sunday. It wasn't exactly a successful endeavour - I sold all of  two prints. Considering materials that just covers the cab ride to the club, excluding tip. At Sin City it works well because people aren't allowed to bring in their own cameras and I'm the only way they can go home with a souvenir. At ordinary club nights like Sanctuary everybody and their dog has a digital camera these days (take note, third year girl, because the same is true of Blender). Nonetheless, I think I'll give it a few more tries before I give up since I did get a few pictures that I quite like. The next long weekend isn't until Victoria Day now and until my hours change, setting up on regular Sundays isn't really an option (although I do want to get out with the stereo camera again).

And, as an aside, the aforementioned obnoxious "third year girl" chose to rear her ugly head full of sophistry again last Thursday at Blender. I wonder if she will be confronting partianskeey (DJ Herr Doktor) next week seeing as he posted more pictures to Gothic BC than I did?

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