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Genesis 1:3

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Well, damn. Looking at electrical standards, transformers, and the like I now have a handle on what we can convert by various means vs. what would have to ditched if I get the job. There is an amusing irony that what is the oldest, most-common, and simplest bit of electic technology is the biggest problem. My studio lights, our opaue projector, light-box, slide-projector, and every lamp we have aren't worth taking because replacement bulbs/tubes wouldn't be available locally. The lowly light-blub is the biggest problem.

Little things like the coffee-maker are no-brainers — they cost less to replace than the cost of the transformer. Likewise the big things and those that are easy to convert like the sewing machine, the computers, my wide-format photo-printer are also no-brainers — they are either so easy to convert or so well-worth it for the transformer. Some of the other appliances like the microwave, the dishwasher, some of the stereo components will be a toss-up whether it is better to use a transformer or just replace them. Those will depend on how the shipping works out. I'm thinking at this point everything will fit an a 20′ shipping container and 100 Kg one way or the other won't matter much.

Then there are the cats... that's not complicated at all :-/ (but be damned if they aren't coming with us!).

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