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A Stroke of Brilliance - Literally

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I was out on an errand with valerian to Canadian Tire to pick up some hardware today (and ran into seymour_glass taking his lunchtime walk while we were on the way to the bus). While we were at the store Elaine suggest I have a look in the lighting isle for some coloured lights I've been looking for. I wanted to pick up a reasonably hight wattage blue light for shadow highlighting in my Red Chair Project. Last time we went to Home Depot I was hoping to get a coloured flood-light, but they don't seem to carry them anymore - but Canadian Tire does! So I got the blue floodlight I was looking for, which pleases me.

The problem now was how was I going to use the flood with only one reflector dish, which I need for the white light. So I thought I'd take a look in the garage light area for some kind of clamp lamp. And in looking inspiration struck. The other day at Leo's Cameras I was looking at a 2x500 Watt setup that was going to run me over $200 with bulbs that were only good for three hours at a pop. There in the work light section of Canadian Tire was a 2x500 Watt work light with 3000 hour bulbs for $45.

Certainly the light from the tungsten halogen bulbs in the work lamp is redder (3000k) than the daylight (5500K) lights I was looking at, but since I am shooting digital I can easily white balance off the redder light and it will only enhance the blue highlights I want from the spot. All-in-all, a smoking good deal. I'm really looking forward to the next sitting.

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