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That Firsts and Lasts thing

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First best friend: Gavin

First real memory of something: Looking waaaaay up the stairs in our house at about 10 or 11 months old.

First date: Would your believe going to see Dizzy Gillespe?

First meaningful kiss: Dana. Gavin kissed her twin sister Donna... or was it the other way around?

First break-up: Christine

First Job: For my Dad's shop

First screen name: Renato

First self-purchased album: Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Scream

First funeral: My father.

First piercing/tattoo: n/a

First credit card: Eatons. I am

First true love:

First enemy: Bert Van Sheik

First big trip: Drumheller in 1969

Last big car ride: Vancouver, BC to Eugene, OR

Last kiss: about 10 minutes ago

Last good cry: Boys Don't Cry

Last movie: Star Trek: Nemesis

Last beverage: Mango, Sprite and Rum - because my arm hurts.

Last food eaten: One of my mutant stir-fries.

Last crush: I got crushed under a Volkswagen when the jack gave out. That's all you're getting.

Last phone call: A dead line three hours ago.

Last tv show: A Simpson's Hallowe'en Episode. The one where Bart is "The Fly"

Last shower: This morning

Last shoes: 'Vogs

Last cd played: Fictional

Last item bought: A new heater

Last annoyance: Current. My aching arm.

Last soda: I don't drink soda. I drink pop

Last ice cream: Yesterday. Neopolitan. And if Naples is the "New City" (neo polis) just how old is the old city?

Last time scolded: Just over a year ago, by someone who had no business to do so, over something I knew nothing about.

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