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I'll be damned.

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I had no idea. Lately DeadJournal has been going down the same path as Livejounral (paid accounts, invite codes, et. al) which is a good thing because I never did think the funded-by-advertising approach was tenable. I noticed that when they started offering paid accounts that the obnoxious banner ads disappeared off my deadjournal, but then I noticed that the ads still appear on other people journals. "Strange, " I thought, "my overrides must be screwing up the banner code. I'll have to figure out how that works so I can share the subversion." Well, I just did and it's not that my overrides are screwing anything up. Turns out I am exempt from being bombarded by advertising because I am an "early adopter". Cool. Of course all my friends are on LJ so my LJ will remain my primary journal (I just wish I they would hurry up and make it so you can modify the talk/read pages - DeadJournal's pages look sooooo much better).

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