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Monday Morning Adventures

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Private Barrick
Private Barrick

This morning, my bus was late and very much more crowded than usual. I still managed to get a seat but it was one of the sideways ones over the rear wheel-wells. As I sat there, hunched over because there wasn't enough room to fit my shoulders between the other people there, in my corporate uniform, with my umbrella between my knees I dozed off a bit (as I am wont to do on the bus on a Monday morning). My mind wanded back to sleeping in a similar position in a different uniform. Instead of an umbrella I was holding a C1 rifle. So while I wasn't in the army for long some of the useful skills learned keep surfacing. This morning it was the ability to snooze sitting up while sitting in the back of a MLVW bus. Other usefu skills that have come in handy:

  • Shining shoes
  • Mopping floors and other cleaning tasks
  • Walking without looking around (useful for ignoring beggars - sorry but with three mouths to feed "spare change" is an oxymoron)
  • Not complaining about stuff I can do nothing about or to people who aren't going to be able to help
  • Taking shit without blinking
  • Walking long distances with heavy things on my back
  • Functioning with little or no sleep
  • Drinking like a fish

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