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Moderation in all things

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I've got about half an hour left to the day and I've done entirely too much work today. I need to sluff off for a bit lest I set a bad precedent and find myself working too much at work. That would be bad. I learned this in the army. In basic training one keener would stay up after lights out polishing his boots. And while it's admirable to excel in an individual context this particular keener ended up getting the bar set too high for the rest of us. Unlike him the rest of us cherished our six hours sleep over having shiny boots. So by the same token, I cherish what I get done at home, like painting and writing, over building an unsatisfying career. I refuse to exhaust myself.

In other news I have a date with Ivana on Friday. Nothing super special, just going with her to visit a couple of her friends. Although it is her best friend, which makes me wonder if I may be being assessed. Ivana's caution, while understandable, leaves me confused regularly. Even at this point I'm not sure whether I can say with certainty "I have a girlfriend". After seeing each other for over seven months you'd think I'd have a handle on that. The key thing here is she asked me. Being asked to spend an evening with her best friend and her best friend's husband has got to be a good sign. But I'm never quite sure of anything with Ivana, other than how much I like her.

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