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Things I forgot.

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I recalled today a trend I encountered at my last job with regular hours. It seems that the more foul my mood is in the morning, the better the day I end up having. I was in the mood to bit the heads off live puppies this morning, mostly because of being off-kilter from the weird hours yesterday, the heat, and my ongoing money glitches. I walked under the bridge again today to avoid the sun, but because it was later in the day the parade of SUV driving, pedestrian-oblivious, ladies-who-lunch had already begun and it wasn't as pleasant as yesterday morning. Still better than going over the bridge, though. I shall have to buy a monthly pass for the ferries next month since I'm taking them in both directions now.

Anyway, I tromped and scowled my way through town, itching for car to cut me off so I could yell, "I'm walking here!" But didn't get the opportunity.

Tharsis. He has an owie in his right ear, but it is getting better.

Work started a bit stressfully since one of my scheduled programs didn't run last night and there were a few complaints. But then we had our usual Thursday morning meeting and I got some quality doodling time. The broken scheduled agent gave me something to do for a while.

But the best thing to happen today was I scooped another personal client from my former employer. It's another small website that I can host which won't create much bandwidth but will help pay for the line. This is good. This subsidizes my pet projects, which of course is the only reason I maintain the server. I'm going to have to feed some money into the server before the fall. The hardware need some upgrading since the whole box is about a year and half old now. I'll need to make a major software purchase in January as well.

Anyway, enough geek shit. I just love the fact that after a year and a half these idiots were never able to replace me and I am picking up their old clients. And, as a final twist of the knife, I am actually making what I always told them I was worth (too bad I am so far in the hole, but that will change with time). Yes, I hold grudges. You would too if someone tried to screw you for $11,000. Revenge is good, sayeth me.

And just as a capper I picked up my photos from last Sunday and some of them turned out really neato. I'll be posting them on Gothic BC soonerest. This picture of Tharsis was the "don't know if the film is wound over enough for the first picture to turn out" picture.

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