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Another day...

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...another ball of shit wrapped in money.

Actually I'm kind of glad to be here today because the office is air-conditioned. It is a particularly gross, hot day today and my apartment was already getting warm by the time I left at 8am. I left the fan running, the curtains closed, and the small (too small for someone to climb through) windows open so hopefully I won't come home to an oven. I avoided the sun's anvil of a bridge this morning choosing rather to walk in its shadow and take the ferry from Granville Island.

Walking across Granville Island in the morning is nice. There are no bums waiting just outside the entrance to pounce with hands outheld, there are no tourists sauntering aimlessly and stopping randomly, there are no "ladies who lunch" in giant SUV's ignoring the crosswalks and stop signs; there are just people who work there quietly getting ready for another onslaught of stupidity and tourismo charismo and the smell of fresh fish and salt air.

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