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Because I'm a rebel, too.

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As my last entry attests I went to sleep last night just thrilled at the prospect of killing another day of my life in this cubicle. I'm torn between letting myself aquiesce and tolerate this for the time being and railing against it for the sake of my sanity. So I am doing both and neither today. In a fit of meaninless rebellion I am wearing jeans on a Tuesday. The horror. But being sensibly sheepish they are barely recognizable as jeans since they are "dressy" jeans (lighter weight canvas, designer cut, very dark black dye - the only thing that distinguishes them as jeans are the rivets on the pockets and leather patch on the back, which are covered by my shirt). Yeah. I'm a rebel, baby. Ugh.

I'm feeling especially like a brainless pawn of fate today. Yesterday I was all fired up to force a change on a project because I had a better idea than what was mandated by the steering committee. After I make this decision I looked at my horoscope and was amused to find the following:

Undertake a difficult project, but only on your terms. You're experienced enough to know what you need, and articulate enough to get it. Hire a skilled assistant who's ready to learn while helping.

Then today I wake up late in a crappy mood and don't want to iron anything. After I've decided the dress code can go to hell I read my horoscope and behold

The Virgo Moon draws your strings tight. There's no telling what Leo might do when pushed to extremes. Eccentric behavior is tolerated in the name of efficient performance. Results are even more eagerly anticipated.


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