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Save me Geebus

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OK, some highlights of the evening:

  • Drinking something so blue it could have passed for Windex to start the evening (because the green stuff is all gone)
  • Buying beer with rolled dimes at a seedy bar with "Pirates of the Caribbean" decor
  • Having a girl I barely know literally leap into my arms upon arriving at 23 West
  • Watching a fire dancer in Blood Alley from the back balcony
  • Smoking something I never smoke for no good reason at all
  • Coming out of the club into a monsoon where the gutters were overflowing and there was thunder and lightning and deciding puddle jumping was a good idea
  • Eating pancakes and chocolate cake at Denny's as the sun was coming up
Geez, what a night!

The unfortunate ramifications of all this being the discovery that getting drunk on something blue is an even worse idea than getting drunk on something green, remembering why it is that I never smoke that particular substance I was smoking last night, and the fact that it is now after noon and I've only just got up even though I got less sleep that I would on a weekday.

I think I may be overcompensating for this whole bank thing

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