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Of all the days to forget my LJ client

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I'm even more bored than usual at the moment. I'm running these brutally

slow routines to update the corporate directory. Apparently this a regular

thing that has to be done every pay period. This is so lame. I have a

nibble for a much more interesting job in Toronto and have my first

telephone interview a week Monday. It's for a digital post-production

company, which would be a little more interesting than a bank. I am hating

banks in general lately. A few minutes ago I ran across the street to cash

a cheque at the Bank of Montreal and they wanted to change me $3 to cash a

$32 cheque - I could cash it cheaper than at a fucking Money Mart! I

protested and the teller waived the fee, but really, should I have to

haggle over a service charge at a major bank as if I were buying melons in


At least I had some fun last night. There was an opening in one of the

galleries in my building and I went to have a look. I need to do more of

that, start getting out there and maybe get somewhere with my art, if only

to compensate for this lame-ass bank job.

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