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Nice walk

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My walk to work was particularly pleasant this morning. There was a wonderful smelling briny breeze blowing across the Granville bridge. If I hadn't left a bit late this morning I would have hung around at the apex of the bridge just to breathe it in for a while. Then, as I reverse negotiated a shortcut I reconnoitered yesterday's walk home I discovered an absolutely stunning vista. There is a staircase leading to the courtyard area of Wall Centre on the Hornby street side that pretty much allows me to cut diagonally from the corner of Nelson and Hornby to Burrard and Smithe - this cuts a good chunk off my walk. When I hit the top of the stairs I found myself just stunned by the view. Bonus points to the architects and landscape architects who engineered this view. Across the lawn and through the young trees the sight of the two cathedrals at Burrard and Smithe in the morning sun is just amazing. I think I'll pack my camera along with me tomorrow morning.

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