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So we got free ice cream at work today. Woo-hoo - sugar rush right before walking home. Today was such a great day to walk, except for the evil revenge of "Song in Your Head Boy" - of all the dumb things to get stuck in my head on the way home I had "I have spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle\as I go walking merrily along"!! Pure, self-induced torture that was.

So I go home. Had my re-heated Chinese take-out and that Guinness I was craving. I feel good now. Why is it that take out food, not just Chinese, but all take out food, is better the second day? Cold KFC, cold pizza, reheated Chinese food, the half-eaten Oreo McFlurry you stuck in the freezer... they all improve after a day.

Let's hear it for healthy eating!

Actually it is my own hypothesis that it's the worry, not the food that kills you. Look at the accumulating evidence - rich food is nasty for your arteries, alcohol by itself is hell on your stomach, mix them up and they work together to actually be healthy. Welcome to the traditional diets of my ancestors... I've got centuries of perogies, cabbage rolls and sausages on my father's side of the family and centuries of chocolate, coffee, and beer on my mother's side. When my born-in-a-Nevada-commune, raised-in-Southern-California ex-wife tried to feed me "healthy" food I couldn't take it. It just wasn't the food I was cut out for. I was tired all the time not to mention ruder side-effects. I've seen evidence that certain ethnic groups are attuned to different diets (with a rough correlation to blood type). For example northern Europeans and certain east Africans are really the only people who as a general rule can stomach milk. It's simple adaptation and differentiation - a matter of evolution. My evolution includes beer and sausages ;-)

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