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Jimminy Flipping Cricket

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I got paid!

So the cheque comes through at five to five and I burst out of the building and run up the street to pick it up. Then I run further up the street to the nearest bank machine... which is out of order. So I run back the other way to the next nearest bank machine. I get the money in the bank. My payment won't bounce. I have money for rent in the bank now and so the next stop is the liquor store and the grocery store. Yay!

Bangers and mash

I think, however I have been broke too long. Let's consider what I have been eating compared to what I got to celebrate.

Poverty meal:

Rice or potatoes with cabbage with margarine.

Not impoverished meal:

Bangers and mash (and in case you don't know "mash" aka colcannon is potatoes, cabbage and onion) with real butter, smothered in cheese and mustard with a pint of Guinness on the side and a pint of coffee flavoured Haagen-Daz for dessert!

I guess it really is all about the details.

And in closing, today's comic.

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