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Oh, man!

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I did it again... got my ass out of the fire just in the nick of time. Here I was this afternoon wandering around the apartment looking for things to sell, wondering if Evilyn would be interested in buying the wonder wagon, and such things because I didn't have rent together. Then a small contact comes through and I will be getting exactly the amount I'm short by courier Monday!

And in other news: numbers were being bantered about this afternoon regarding the HSBC job so it looks like I will have a concrete offer on that first thing Monday. Perhaps that will light a fire under Telus' butt and my problems will shift from being broke to deciding which set of perks I like better (all in all I'm actually leaning toward the bank over Telus, now. I hadn't thought about until it was mentioned in today's interview, but one big perk of working for a bank is low interest loans... debt consolidation, new car - these are things I need!).

One way or another I'll be back on my feet in no time. Phew!

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