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There's always a bright side.

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The upside of not having any work right now is that I am starting to get some of those "one of those days when I have time" things done. I'm got my new website going (of which this journal is a part) and now I have finally gotten my web cam running again.

Other useless accomplishments in the last little while also include getting PHP running on under Domino (something that isn't supposed to work, BTW), setting up disc quotas so I'm not susceptible to upload DoS attacks, and a few other resoundingly geeky things. Maybe over the long weekend I'll stay away from the computer a bit and get some drawing and painting done.

No real news on the job front. I found out what was wrong with the recruiter that never got back to me... he quit (or was fired). Another outfit called me today about something with Telus. That could be a good job. I'm supposed to hear something of that tomorrow. No word on the bank or the wireless place yet. Nothing but nibbles. I need someone to bite, damnit!

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