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I woke up feeling very, well, leonine this morning. As I was falling asleep I dreamt about living back on Vancouver Island. As dreams tend to be things were a little misplaced - bits of Victoria and Duncan were mixed up. In part of the dream I was living with Ivana in the house I grew up in. That was very pleasant :-)

In just under two hours I have that interview with the headhunters. I hope to hell something comes of this. My last active project wrapped up today (which in it's own way is a blessing - some projects drag on too long!) and I have nothing new in the pipe. That gives me enough money to get through this month, but doesn't leave me anything for next month. And of course taxes are due. I really like it here, but it would be so much easier if I didn't have the shit taxed out of me.

Ah, well. If things go well this afternoon I'll be back in the daily grind and those pesky taxes will just disappear off my cheques before I see them and I can fall back into an ordinary state of Canadian Complacency™.

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