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May 2017

Four random nice things from today

Seems I have not one, but two, apple trees.

Dinner with friends wherein I learned something very helpful.

Getting checked out by a very attractive woman on a bicycle as I walked home from the grocery store.

Lighting experiment.
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New addition to the pie garden: an apple tree
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Tharsis is a fucking hero, just so you know.
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New place to sit? Jazz is on it.
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How I Feel

Being left out, ignored, under- or un- valued, these are the worst things for me, And the more it happens the less I feel I have anything to offer. So I withdraw. And then people forget I am even here. And it spirals down.

Anyone who reposts things from alt-right scions like Milo Yiannopoulos, even out of ignorance, has the hallmarks of a Nazi sympathiser.

Me, every morning while I make coffee. I started in January and it did take some practice to keep it going. It's been much more effective for the muscle tone of my stomach than anything else I have tried.Scanned from the April 27, 1966 edition of the Victoria Daily Times.
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