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August 2016

Because if you are going to repurpose old Mac Minis as Linux boxes, you should do it right.
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And this is what my desk at work looks like today. My job at the gallery is not all photography, white gloves and stretched canvases.
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Installing Linux on 64-bit Mac that has the old 32-bit EFI firmware

If you have and older Mac that has a 64-bit processor but the 32-bit 1,1 or 2,1 EFI firmware (eg. a 2009 Mac Mini Core 2 Duo) and you want to install a recent 64-bit version of Linux on it, the 32-bit EFI firmware will leave you stuck at a prompt like this:




Select CD-ROM Boot Type :

with an unresponsive keyboard and no way to proceed.

Is mah job... #dayjobphotography
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Dark EightiesSiouxsie TributeAstoria2016-07-28
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