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May 2016

[Gothic BC] Black Tomatoes

Something to add to my balcony garden, I think. As the video below explains, these were developed by the University of Oregon by cross-breeding programme aimed at increacing anti-oxydants in tomatoes. Of course the marketing photos and the viral stuff going around about these only show the best and blackest tomatoes. Like many "black" plants, in reality these will tend to grow more purple than absolutely black, but still, pretty cool looking.

[Gothic BC] Bad Vibes Radio - CFRO 100.5 FM Vancouver

Don't forget to tune your radio receiving devices to 100.5 MHz on the frequency modulated (FM) band today at 3:30 to listen to me tell stories of the glorious past like a goth Grandpa Simpson.

40 years ago loonie/toonie stores were five-&-dime stores. Question is, who is making 20 times what their parents/grandparents did in 1976?

The new student dorm towers (Brock Commons) going up at #UBC - I find these interesting because the load-bearing cores are going up completely seperately from the floors and skin since these are innovatively going to use wood for the rest of the towers.
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Still there.
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Time Travelers' Bazaar, 2016
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