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July 2010

Today's Deviations

Steampunk Stereoscope 88

Original stereoscopic image photographed at the VSteam (Vancouver Steampunks) One-day Steampunk Mini-Con.


Sex and the City

Elaine and I were just watching the first Sex and the City movie and Elaine made a comment about how big "Big" looked.

"He's exactly the same size as me," I said, "Remember when I bid on his suit?"

"Oh, yeah, " she replied, "then she must be tiny,"

Housing Rental Ad Glossary for Vancouver Home Hunters

"New York style" = small, overpriced, and the kitchen is in the living room.

"open concept" = the kitchen is in the living room

"garden level" = basement

"no smoking" = landlord is too cheap to paint

"no pets" = landlord is too cheap to change carpets

"sub-penthouse" = nondescript apartment somewhere above the middle of a bee-hive tower

"large/spacious studio" = shoebox

"soundproof" = concrete walls/floors that transmit every pin-drop like someone is bowling in the next apartment