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December 2007

[Gothic BC] Calendar Fixed

OK, I knew it had to be simple and that a little bit of sleep would help. I forgot to update one site-specific setting after moving the app from the dev environment to production. What's ironic is the particular setting in question is part of the code I submitted to the calendar module to fix the very problem I was having. D'oh!

[Gothic BC] The Calendar is Broken

Poop. It seems the calendar isn't working properly on the live site, yet is working just fine on the development site. It's a bit too late (or early) for me to figure out WTF is different. Hopefully it isn't a big deal and it's just because I'm tired that it isn't obvious to me right now.

[Gothic BC] New Gothic BC for 2008

I've just made the newest incarnation of Gothic BC live. I've been working on this since late October and I really don't know how many hours I've put into this to get it to a workable state. There is plenty more work to be done, but hey, I've been plugging away at this for almost 10 years now and there is always more work to be done.

So what's new in the new Gothic BC? ...

Weasel-operated Camels - the Explanation

"A camel is a horse designed by committee."

Weasels <-- Marketing Weasels


A weasel-operated camel is one of those things that, by the nature of a "camel" with a committee-of-the-clueless genesis, lacks both utility and beauty yet is taken up by marketing weasels, who with equal or excess cluelessness, heap lies upon crap in an effort to get the weak-minded to believe the camel is worth using and pouring money into for the sole purpose of the weasels getting their cut before it all caves in on itself.


Best Mac Laser Etching Ever

From Gizmodo UK... it's from  post that's a year and a half old, but I just came across it.

Oringinal post: