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September 2006


Shiver me timbers, it's talk like a pirate day! Yarrrr!

EDIT: Note that the user-info icons have eye-patches today →

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A reporter from tracked me down at work today.

She was pleasant enough but wasn't going to let my guard down.

I had a statement ready.

If Isaac hadn't agreed to talk to them from Hawaii they were going to come and put me on camera at work.

Edit: We'll I'll be damned if she (Kate Corcoran, CTV) didn't do a good job!

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According to my Horoscope

I am to "Do something that fires new synapses in your brain and gets you interested in all the variety and vibrancy available to you."

Work today is not fitting this bill.

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Life is Funny

So, after two years of looking for work in Australia or New Zealand, now that I've managed to create something that suits my purposes here, what happens? I've just signed on for a remote development gig with an outfit in the Brisbane area.

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