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April 2006

Zombies and Aliens

First off, how the crap is April over already? I seem to have lost a week somewhere.

It Just Gets Better!

Yesterday's putz realtor must have seen that her ad was changed, it was deleted and reposted today - but it was reposted with the same attempt to hotlink my picture. She now has three ads pointing to the same picture:

Games to Play on Transit #14

See how many times you can board using last month's pass.

Having Fun with Hotlinkers

I was watching the referrer log on my server today while testing something for work and happened to see that someone had hotlinked one of my pictures on Some putz realtor was using a photo I made of the view of Downtown from the South Street Seaport to sell an apartment. People who hotlink should realise how easy it is to redirect to anything else...

Games to Play on Transit #12 & 3/16

Probably on of the most dehumanising things about transit, aside from being herded like cattle into large tin cans with wheels, is living in bizarre fractions of an hour. You find yourself thinking things like, "Oh, crap: it's 7:13! I'll never make it to the corner for the 7:37, but with luck the 7:43 trian will get me to the 8:22 bus so I'll only be 6 minutes late."

The Base Images for Two More

The base images for two more of the illustrations: