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February 2006

Let the Fun Begin

I received my last T4 today and picked up the tax software from the post office on Saturday. I now have everthing necessary to start working on my much-dreaded 2005 taxes. Hopefully this won't take all week and hopefully there will be some money left at the end of it all.


I just saw some promotional material sent out by the 2010 Olympic committee hyping the "unprecedented opportunity" for Canadian businesses to get the attention of the world.

This is Unacceptable

I was all psyched up for a good grump and wallowing in suckage and I came in to work to discover a brand-new 19" LCD monitor sitting on my desk. How dare they foul my foul mood!

Oringinal post:

Top Photo Contributors to Gothic BC

In fixing an error in the the Gothic BC photo gallery I got off on a bit of a tangent and totalled up the top photo contributors.

I'm at the top, with 60.86% of the pictures in the gallery being mine. kitsune_13 and langsuir, as a team (I couldn't separate them out since most of their pictures are attributed to the Smoke Pit) are next with 8.94%.