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December 2005

New Gear

I put a hold on buying any photography gear for the last couple of months. At first out of money concerns as my contract with Tolko was running out and nothing was lined up yet, then because of the Christmas "don't buy anything for yourself in December" rule. Both of those now gone, I picked up something I've been wanting for a while:

A reflector umbrella and slave flash.

The lights I picked up in the summer are good and will have their place, but this is for bringing to Sin City and other places where a always-on, blaring-hot, 1000 Watts of glaring light is not a good thing. I also picked up a 4" x 6" photo printer for a stupidly good price (75% off - new and from a major retailer,  otherwise I'd think it was hot at that price!) so I will be selling pictures at Sin City on New Year's Eve. I've been wanting to do this since I got back from Convergence 11 where they had someone set up in the club selling pictures.

Naturally, once I got everything set up today "animal testing" ensued.

Lou Lou Magazine Best Buy For the Day

Today only (midnight to midnight, Eastern time, so it just went up at 9 p.m. local time)

Utterly Random

Remember the slogan "Stop, drop, and roll"?

I haven't seen or heard that for a long time. Why were we taught that as children? What was actually being expected of us?

Toronto Called

I have a telephone interview Tuesday.

Oringinal post:

Games to Play on Transit #4

Try and get some extra rest — but not to much. You can't drool on yourself or miss your stop.

Oringinal post: