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October 2005

Hallowe'en is Coming

Tell-tale signs of Hallowe'en:


Today wasn't so bad after-all. Of course now I'm stuck in the airport for a few hours, but that's why they put bars in airports. Maybe I'll go take a nap by the terminal in a bit.

I'd forgotten what kind of crap these people are used to. *I* know that SharePoint is crap compared to what they could have, but in comparison to the circa 1998 Cold-Fusion based application running on a PII, they don't see not so much as crap but as da shit.

New Record

This has to be some kind of record: from waking up at 5:52 to checked-in at the airport and waiting for my flight at 6:28.

The alarm clock didn't go off (my subconscious sending me a less than subtle message about how much I *love* going to Vernon). The flight boards at 6:50. Waking up less than an hour before depature time is *not* recommended. In theory I should have already been here at the point I woke up.


I am busy. Most of what I am busy at is not enjoyable. Most of the reason for this situations is foolish optimism. This is not the first time I've estimated time for a project based in M$ technologies on the mistaken assumption that the shit will actually work as advertised. I should know better.

Before Bauhaus

A couple of pictures from before the show last Thursday:

New Lens

My new lens arrived yesterday. Bigger, blacker, and with more doom. Direct from Amityville, New York.

Canada Post

Everyone likes to slag Canada Post, but for a change I am going to laud them. I have a package (my new lens) on the way from New York. I was given a USPS tracking number. For the past several days the USPS tracking has ended at "Arrived Abroad" and that's it.