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April 2005

You're not here

It's 3:43. I have a glass of absinthe and there are naked people in the pool. Fuck yeah.

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Should I Bother?

I'm thinking of changing my LJ username. On DeadJournal I'm "Atratus", but here atratus is taken and even though the account has been inactive for 177 weeks, LJ won't close inactive accounts, nor will they reissue names from closed, suspended or deleted accounts. Once a name is gone, it's gone for good.

Rats and the City of the Day

Two more people quit today, the ship is sinking. I wonder if the office will last until the official end of my term.

Anonymous Comments are Off

There seems to be an abundance of LJ spambots at work lately, so I'm turning off anonymous comments for the time being.

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