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January 2005

Just when I was feeling useless...

I got an e-mail from kaRIN of Collide asking if they could use some of my pictures from their recent concert here on their website.

220 Days to Go

There are, as of today and including weekends and holidays, 220 days left in my "retention package". This is going to be next to impossible to ride out. I'm utterly wasting my time here. I'm worse than wasting my time here. This non-job is sucking the life out of me. I have absolutely nothing useful or interesting to do.


This came up in conversation with _disdain_ this morning. This is what I call making the most of a bad situation. I spent a great deal of time designing a website and building and extensible workflow engine behind it for a company that no longer exists. There is a ton of content that I spent months compiling that is digital detritus now, but at least the design and programming get to see the light of day...

...sort of ;-)

Two heinous incidents within a week

Apparently asking me for someone's name, especially someone who is important in my life, is a pretty much guaranteed way for me to make a faux pax. From now I will be calling everyone "Leslie".

Oringinal post:


Corpse Bride. A new animated Tim Burton movie coming out this Hallowe'en!

Oringinal post: