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October 2004

Stupid People

Someone set the dumpster on fire in the alley tonight.


All of Jake's art is coming down off the walls today. E. J.  Huges, Emily Carr, Christopher Pratt, Gathie Faulk, and many others.

Quothe my post after my first interview for this job:

New Icon

Behold my new icon, made by six_v2 (and slightly modified by me) in honour of Mike Roberts at the Vancouver Surrey Province.

Trying Something Different

I've got a bit of bronchitis and not up for a nightclub tonight, so I've been fooling around with pushing my stereo image experiments a little further. Ryan sent me a bunch of pictures he took at Burning Man that were taken about 2" apart for the sake of turning into stereoscopic animations. Since these were taken with a normal camera and without the benefit of stereoscopic slider, the images were not shot at exactly the same time and not at precisely the same angle. Making the animation then entails dealing with these two problems. Dealing with the alignment issue isn't so bad, although I'm seeing some distortion in the corners that wouldn't ordinarily be there. Dealing with the fact that nearly every person in the picture moved between the frames is a whole other story. I've been fiddling with this image for about an hour now and there are still some pretty glaring flaws in the animation, although from what I've learned now doing this one I might be able to pull off something better with the others or if I revisit this one again.