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June 2004

Bad Things and Good Things

Bad thing: staying at work for an extra three hours and coming home bagged

Good thing: doing it to get a four-day weekend

Today at work the new post-merger organizational structure was announced and new job titles handed out. Someone once told me I was the kind of person who always landed on his feet. There is a reason for that. More tomorrow.

Fun Tangental Election Related Fact

The building I live in has been standing five years longer than there has been a federal riding for "Vancouver Centre".

Oringinal post:

My stomache feels squidgy. :-(

Oringinal post:

Fooling around

So, as you probably know, you can't put JavaScript in a Livejournal post. There have been occassions where I have wanted to do pop-up windows without an address bar, status bar, etc. The recent sausage-meme cross-site scripting scare made me realise the obvious answer - put the Javascript somewhere else. The link will pop up the Gothic BC photo gallery in a 750 x 800 window that cannot be resized.

An Icon

For those moments where "whoop-de-fucking-do" just isn't enough.

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