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March 2003

I'm having fun with this now.

Toxic Kitties

Fun with toxic chemicals

Another night with plastic on the door. As you can see, I am getting better at it.

Sealed in freshness

We can't go to Sanctuary tonight. Why? Because Elaine and I are sealed in the apartment against an impending toxic chemical threat.



Well, this has been a dull day so far. I've been rather sleepy from getting too little sleep Saturday night. Saturday Elaine and I went to Sin City where I did my usual photography. But because Daevina was not well, Elaine was asked by Aaron to cover coat-check and we were bound to stay well beyond closing. Toss in a long wait for a cab and it was after four in the morning before we were asleep. That would have been OK, execpt for having to get up at ten o'clock rather than the usual Sunday morning luxury of sleeping until no longer tired. Generally six hours is enough for me, but not after seven double G&T's. We were up when we were because Elaine was meeting her mom to go shopping and, sure, I could have gone back to sleep, but I had things that I wanted to do and things that needed to be done.

Naturally I started out with the stuff that I wanted to do over the stuff that had to be done, which was posting my Sin City pictures and the ones from Jim, implementing the LJ integration I've been working on for the Gothic BC homepage, and some tweaks to the image database. The LJ integration in particular was something I started months ago but never finished because of work, a relationship going sour, moving, the fire, trying to catch up on work missed because of the fire, and then moving again. So, in a way, finally finishing this stupid little thing was a bit of an affirmation that things are good now, that my creative outlets aren't the lowest priority in the house, that I get to be more than a necktie and a paycheque. I still have projects, some of which got put by the wayside as long ago as my trip to Toronto and New York, that I am dying to get back to and this was the proof that I can and I will. All squishness to whom sqishiness is due.

So with that done I moved on to what had to be done, which was a dead boring text parsing routine for one of my old clients. Turned out to be less boring and less difficult than I expected, but it was about 10:30 p.m. before I was finished (there was a one and half hour long dinner and T.V. break in there - damn time-sucking Learning Channel...). Too late to go to Skank, but in the end I felt accomplished.

Still, though, I didn't get to bed until 11:30 or so, and up at 6:30 with Elaine. A decent night's sleep, but still running a slight sleep-deficit to face Monday morning with. The normal Monday morning meeting was as it always is, useful, but not exactly exciting, then on to a particularly dull day doing that which all programmers most loathe - writing documentation for end-users...

An Edwardian Island

Secret Passages to the Past

As part of the fire restorations they have been cleaning and sealing the old light-wells in the building. Once upon a time these shafts let natural light, via frosted windows, into the kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways in the building. The wall in our kitchen where the windows were has long since been replaced, but in most of the apartments (like my old one) the windows are still there, with the glass painted over or replaced with mirrors. Yesterday they were working on the shaft that used to bring light into our kitchen, pantry and bathroom. I spoke to the guy doing the work and he said that he found newspapers from 1946 in one of the shafts. There is a small hole in our kitchen where a fan was mounted, and prior to this work starting I stuck my camera in and took some pictures of the well.

The hole