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December 2002


Maybe I am better at making predictions than I give myself credit for.

Oringinal post:

Not freaky at all...

Someone next door had a minor fire.


Not like this is a news flash or anything, but

I hate banks!

I put a cheque in last Wednesday, people are waiting for me to write them cheques against it, but I still can't get at the money. You'd think that the Ministry of Indian and Northern Affairs writes bad cheques for the way the bank is refusing the release the funds.

Or not.

I know I said, "More later," but most of you won't see the rest of it. It really is very personal. I'm only talking about it with three people with whom I am very close, who have known me for a long while, and are well versed on the background of it all.

And to answer in advance: No, I am not alright. Yes, I will be. No, I really do not want to talk about it with anyone else.


More later, but I'm just not going to go out tonight. I got a freaking psychotic e-mail from the Harpie. Then my car had a flat tire. No one anywhere near downtown fixes flat tires on a Sunday. Today did not go as planned. More later.

Oringinal post:

*Bounce* *Bounce* *Bounce*

OK, I should read before I post. Not only is my painting in America, it has arrived, been unpacked and hung!


My painting is in America!



DECEMBER 18, 2002 AT 15:31



This is so great. I'm showing, and even better, selling again.

Vita brevis, ars longa.