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October 2002


I can go home!!!

I'm in the apartment right now and just got the word that I can stay! The heat won't be on until sometime tomorrow so I will pick up a space-heater (good thing to have anyway, my old one died last winter) for tonight. I'm guessing that the heat is actually "on" already but the boiler simply hasn't built up a head of steam yet. There are a gazillion things going on right now and I will post more about all the various emotions I am dealing with right now later. Right now I am going to run over to London Drugs and see if they have any small space heaters.


Kitties are home

It's probably not going to be until Tuesday or Wednesday before I can occupy my apartment, but I sprung my boyz from the joint ($250 "bail") and now at least they are home.

Computers are on and running, cats are home, progress is being made. Soon I will have my comfy home back.