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June 2002

OK, this is funny

The bus driver just made a wrong turn. He started going back the way he had just come. Clearly the guy is no more alert at this moment than any of the people snoozing on the bus right now, trusting this guy to safely get us all to where we want to go.

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Oh, well

There was nobody there except some sad looking spud, so I just bought some spuds in the market (and some cabbage to make mash for dinner) and now I'm on my way home.So, Mike, was that spud your boss?

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I hope Mike is working today

Because I am on Seabus right now and planning to visit him at the Quay :-)

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Now Playing for One Night Only

I've got my cam pointing out my office window toward Burrard and Georgia.

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Don't you hate it when...

You miss your bus, not because you were late, but because the bus was too full to let you on.

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