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[Gothic BC] New Feature: Photo Tagging!

I've just completed add a new feature into the photogallery for logged-in users: the ability to tag your own photos.

[Gothic BC] 20,000 Photos!

The 20,000th photoLadies and gentlemen, I give you the 20,000th picture on Gothic BC:

[Gothic BC] More Gooder and Fasterer

I've made some tweaks that have the site rendering pages noticably faster. I am pleased. That is all.

[Gothic BC] No Photo Booth Tonight

Sorry folks. This is very last minute, but I won't be at Sin City tonight. I got as far as packing up my camera bag and was about to get changed and disgusting sneezing fit #342 of the day convinced me that going out would be a bad idea. I've officially called in sick. See you all next time.


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