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[Gothic BC] All Your News in One Place! (and looking for suggestions)

Why let something like non-existance get in the way?

Despite the fact that Facebook does not have RSS feeds for Wall posts, I've hacked my very own Facebook wall to RSS gateway and added RSS feeds from the Descent Sundays Facebook fan-page wall and the Rock and Roll High-School and Sin City group walls to the Gothic BC news aggregator so you can get all your news in one place - and I am looking for more things to add. So if you have any suggestions of publicly available Facebook groups and fan-pages, or other feeds to add, let me know!

Does Your E-Mail Signature Smell Like Spam?

Sometime around five or so years ago, it became du rigueur to have e-mail signatures in a format not unlike this:

Certification and Quantifying Relevant Skills

here is a lot of emphasis put on certifications in the hiring process. To a certain extent I can understand this, after all, Human Resources professionals are not Information Technology professionals and certification provides the only reliable interface they have for a quantifying whether an individual really knows something about the technology they claim to understand.


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