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[Gothic BC] News Aggregator Updated for ezBoard Changes

I've update the Dark Vancouver feed for the News Aggregator to deal with the changes that have come with ezBoard becoming Yuku. And even though Yuku has RSS feeds I am still using my custom feed builder because Yuku's feeds are yukky. Is it so damn hard to write an RSS feed that even comes close to complying with the RSS specs?

[Gothic BC] By Name View Fixed

Whoops. Looks like when I was fixing the Top Picks view in the photo gallery on Tuesday I managed to break the By Name view. Thanks to Ashton for letting me know about the problem so I could fix it.

[Gothic BC] Top Pictures and the NSFW Filter

Fixed a problem with the Top Picks view in the photogallery where NSFW images were not showing regardless of the NSFW filter settings.

[Gothic BC] Calendar Fixed

OK, I knew it had to be simple and that a little bit of sleep would help. I forgot to update one site-specific setting after moving the app from the dev environment to production. What's ironic is the particular setting in question is part of the code I submitted to the calendar module to fix the very problem I was having. D'oh!


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