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[Gothic BC] Changing the Picture of the Day

Last night and today I did some messing around with the "Picture of the Day." Clicking on the image link from the RSS feed now goes directly to the appropriate post in the gallery. The view of the current and previous pictures of the day now has a friendlier URL and a cleaner look.

[Gothic BC] Notification of Photo Tagging

I've just added e-mail notifications of when you are tagged in a photo.

[Gothic BC] Free Shipping on Gothic BC Zazzle Merch

Between now (November 8) and Wednesday (November 10) is offering free shipping by using the coupon-code FREESHIP4ALL ...this is a perfect opportunity to pick up some Gothic BC merch from our Zazzle store:

[Gothic BC] In Praise of Haunted at the Narrow Lounge

Last Tuesday I finally had a chance to check out Haunted at the Narrow Lounge at 3rd and Main - and I'm sorry I waited so long!

[Gothic BC] New Photobooth Procedure

Starting with Sanctuary's "Something Wicked This Way Comes" Hallowe'en party I'll be changing things in the photo booth a little bit (but not much, don't worry.) After many years of struggling with release forms that have never really been necessary anyway, I'm simply going to have some signage, such as the one to the right, stating, "Entering the photo area constitutes permission to be photographed and grants the photographer exclusive and full rights to the photograph(s)." Without getting into a bunch of legalese, this is really just restating the reality of stepping into an obvious photo area to have your picture taken.

I'll still do prints for people who don't want to appear on the web and let them watch me delete the photo as I have always done.

Another new thing that I am going to try, is allowing people to pre-pay for digital copies. I'll have a sheet where a person for recording their e-mail address and then I will send the photo to them. Having the higher-resolution pictures available on the site hasn't really been working out since the hoops I have in place to keep just anyone from buying prints or hi-res copies of just anybody do make it a bit of pain in the ass for legit buyers. Hopefully this will make it easier... but if it does turn out to be too much of a pain in the ass for *me* I may drop it. And since Hallowe'en is my busiest night of the year, I'm going to know right away if this flies or not.


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