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So the ferry left late and there is no chance of making the last bus from Horseshoe Bay. I thought I was looking at a $100 cab ride, but everyone intending to use transit was called to the Chief Steward's office where we were counted (there's about 10 of us) and told something would be arranged. A few minutes later there was an announcement the the last bus will be held until we get there!I've been in this boat before (literally and figuratively) and this has never been done before, so I'm amazed. In the past the best outcome was to split the cab with other screwed passengers. ...spoke too soon. While I was typing the above we got called back to the Chief Stewart's office and it is unclear if the bus will wait. Dispatch hasn't reached the driver. The terminal manager at Horseshoe Bay is going to try and get the driver to wait, but I'be already been talking with some of the others about splitting a cab downtown. /
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Ghost ship.
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