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Someone find me a rock to crawl under

My cheque is delayed until tomorrow. This means another student loan payment is going to bounce. I'm completely screwed. I feel sick. I've borrowed from everyone I can borrow from. There is nothing else I can do. Sure, I'll get paid tomorrow and everything will start to straighten out again, but right now things are not good. I want this to end. I just can't take this anymore. When I was twenty I didn't mind this crap as much. You're supposed to be poor when you are twenty. But not now. I've got a decent job, but it just hasn't payed yet.

Life is pathetic when...

From my census form

This was the highlight of my day:

Oringinal post:

Two Words...

Ugh, Monday.

It's raining today and despite the fact that I didn't go to Sanctuary last night I still had trouble getting my ass in gear this morning, probably because I was up late Saturday night.

Right now some shmoe is babbling on about picking up hardwood flooring for his condo in a SUV that he rented and how he wants to buy one now. Barf.

Here's today's comic. I've said it before, I'll day it again: there is not enough coffee in the world for Monday mornings.

Woe is me

My life is a darkroom. One big, dark room... By the time you have read this I will have jumped leapt plummeted from the winter river bridge... Everything I touch turns to coal. Life is a pointless barrage of pain. I am sadder that anyone could possibly be, pity me, make comments in my journal so I feel loved...


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