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To hell with it all

It's pointless. If I live for a hundred more years or die tomorrow the only difference will be the amount of misery I'll have to endure.

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Cash only

Here I am, still refusing to use a debit card...

And to think, people rioted in Paris when they officially named and numbered the streets because it represented too much of an invasion of privacy.

How did this happen?

I'm actually doing something interesting today. I'm having fun at work. Whoa.

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Suffering for my ideals

See the "New Romantics" sign in the Fleuvog window.

Go in and see brand new pointy shoes.

Love the pointy shoes.

Buy the pointy shoes.

Walk home in the pointy shoes - hey that didn't hurt much!

Consequently decide to walk to work in the pointy shoes.

Show up considerably later than usual and ask the receptionist where the bandages are.

But, damn it, they are pointy Fleuvogs!


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