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I found my RJ11 crimping tool...

Like that matters. But a nice little non-sequitur can be fun now and again. Not all the time of course, as some pseudo-intellectual types on the Van-Goth list seem to think. It gets so tiresome... another wave of new users, another wave of unedited one-line gibberish, tell people to read the FAQ and learn how to post, get a bunch of petulant "I should be allowed to do whatever I want [because I am so bloody clever]" whining, rinse, repeat. sigh

Damn it, damn it damn it.

OK. The funeral home is out. My niggling suspicion that things were not as good as they presented them at the interview has basically been confirmed. The details are moot, the bottom line is there are major signs of flailing headless chicken syndrome... Good thing I have the wireless place to talk to this afternoon. To hell with the funding problem, if they last a year that will be enough to get me on my feet and back to consulting, if they last longer, well great. At this point I'm convinced the wireless place is a better opportunity.

My Mom Always Said...

...that I was born with a horseshoe up my ass. Not only did I peg the attire just right (I was dressed similarly, but slightly better than the people who interviewed me) but the interview(s) went swimmingly. Despite the fact that, at this stage in the game, one never gets the job off the first interview, I thought at several moments that I'd walk out with a concrete offer. Probably would have, too, if the guy who makes the final decision hadn't had a 1:30 meeting. So back I go tomorrow, 11am again, and I'm sure I'll walk out with an offer.


Let's hear it for employable skills! I've had two solid bites in my search for a "real" job today. The first came from Toronto - an absolutely perfect sounding job description and a decent wage. That got me excited. No Houston, staying in Canada and in a city where I know people. But then the ultimate kick ass call came in. It was from the head of Lotus Notes development at the Loewen Group. So what is so great about that you ask? Let me elucidate:


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