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Begging for Lattés

Another day, another interview. This one was a second, shortlist interview with the HSBC. It looks very much like I am going to get this one. Turns out their Notes development team lead knows a lot of the same people I do, particularly my two most important references, through the now defunct Pacific Northwest Notes user group. This definitely helps.

The Borg are coming!

Or perhaps the Daleks... something like that anyway.

News on the job front.

I have another interview with HSBC tomorrow morning. This time meeting with the MIS and head of their development division. This'll be the technical interview. I wonder what they will hit me with. Not that it matters. I'm good at what I do and it isn't hard to show that. Things continue to slide slowly forward...

Oringinal post:

More buried treasures!

Hehe! I found my collection of comics clipped from various newspapers and magazines. I think I'll post them with my entries until I run out. There are a lot of them so that'll be long way off!

Here is the first. One of my all-time favourites (the link will open a new window).

Oringinal post:

Too bloody funny!

NBC Notes
My NBC notes from basic training.

I was scrounging around for an article I wanted to read and came across my old notebooks from basic training. I was, without a doubt, so not suited to being a soldier as these pages of my chemical warfare notes will attest.


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