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Someone feels that it should be dinner time now.
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Blown away: Batgirl/Barbara Gordon from the Adam West Batman and the crazy "green bitch" in the ST:OS episode "Whom the Gods Destroy" were played by the same actress, Yvonne Craig.
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I made myself a present. A picture of the old building with a *bronze* penny and half-penny from the year it was built.
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Probably another over-share, but this is 22 year old, 185 lb. me at the end of basic training. This is the new, probably unrealistic, goal. But then again, I thought getting down to 185 again wasn't realistic. It really makes a big difference not having someone around calling you fat and "hideously unattractive" (actual direct quote) to actually care enough about yourself enough to stick to getting back into shape. And yes, there is a story behind how I ended up naked and covered in beer, but if you want to hear that, you'll have to ask me IRL.
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[Gothic BC] Pictures of You

The gallery has crossed the 60,000 mark. There are now 60,120 photos in the gallery and more coming soon!

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