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[Gothic BC] Pictures of You

The gallery has crossed the 60,000 mark. There are now 60,120 photos in the gallery and more coming soon!

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It occurred to me just now that I have been using this old syringe, one of my dad's insulin needles, to refill my pens for over half my life now. Dad died 24 years ago, and I got this from him at least a year before that. #stillmisshim
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Well, this interesting: I've been summoned for jury duty. #juryduty #civicresponsibility
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Reworking of the Gothic BC photo of the day for November 9, 2017 Original:Sanctuary Zombie-a-Go-Go ANZA Club 2012-08-18 Atratus
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Tharsis would like to make this important announcement.
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