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Summary of Qualifications
15 years professional experience in computer technology, with particular emphasis on communication, collaboration and web technologies ● Exceptional English language skills ● Experienced Systems Administrator and IT Manager ● Project management and development skills ● Demonstrated experience in successfully planning, organizing and leading within deadlines and under budget ● Graphic design skills ● Creative problem solver and both a critical and lateral thinker

[Gothic BC] Goth ≠ Fetish: Goth and Allied Scenes

One of the things that makes the Gothic subculture ("Goth") very difficult to define, even for insiders, is the overlap with what I will call ?allied scenes.

[Gothic BC] Rambling About Goth

So now that Decadence has come and gone and Gothic BC is now quite officially ten years old I'd like to look back a little a talk about what this site means to me and why I do it.


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